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Goal Achieved: -80 lbs

Today, I FINALLY hit goal, after weeks of hovering within a pound or two and thinking “this week will be the week!” at least three times (last week’s near miss being especially painful).

80 pounds.

What’s the difference between 79 and 80 pounds?

For starters, I set a goal for myself and now I have officially met that goal in every single way. I threw in some extra challenges along the way (5k, half marathon), but the end game was this finish line, and I’ve reached it in a final and tangible way.

Frankly, I also like having reaching the nice round number. The number isn’t even close to being the most important thing, but 80 is pretty nice. Feels much more badass than 79. I’m allowed to be happy about that.

And finally, I get to be on maintenance now. I GET TO JUST MAINTAIN. I get to stop beating myself up about the occasional +.2 lb week and worrying about finishing the weight loss part of the journey. I can just keep myself within 2 lbs of my goal weight and know that I’m on track for continued long term wellness. I can’t even say what a relief that feeling is to me after this long haul to 80.

There have been a lot of milestones along the way… a lot of mile markers during the marathon that has been my weight loss journey. I remember the day I no longer needed to shop for plus-sized clothes. I remember the day I started running. I remember my first 5k, my first marathon relay, and the day I realized I was in better cardiovascular health than my husband.

I remember crying in a fitting room the day I put on a pair of pants that were a single digit size, and then training for and running a half marathon. I remember purchasing a dress for the first time in years and wearing it in public. I remember the day when I realized that I finally no longer saw myself as the fat girl in a crowd of women, and I remember every tiny little milestone in between.

Today isn’t just another milestone. It’s the finish line. Not the kind that indicates you’re finished with all the activity that brought you to the end of the race, but the kind that marks the end of a certain type of struggle and leaves you on the other end of the finish line with all the right tools to run another race if you need to and a body that can now be maintained and taken care of now that it’s in reasonably good shape.

Today I woke up and in my head I was still “Brandi who’s working on losing weight,” but tonight I’ll go to bed “Brandi who recently lost some weight is just a regular healthy person.” I’ve been really ready for that transition. I know it will be a struggle to maintain, but I’m ready to dive in.